Practice Areas and Fees


Equine Law

I have been involved in virtually all areas of the law involving horses. That has included: purchase and sale agreements; boarding contracts; breeding agreements; partnerships and co-ownership agreements.

Land Conservation

I represent people who want to preserve their land by using conservation easements, agricultural easements, or by selling to a conservation buyer as well people who want to purchase land that is already preserved or they wish to preserve. I also represent land trusts that hold easements on property.  

Real Estate

I represent clients as they buy and sell residential and commercial real estate. In addition, I work with landlords and tenants handling commercial and residential leases. 

Small Business

I advise small businesses in all aspects of their operations - from choosing the operating entity - such as a corporation, partnership or an LLC; negotiating with a landlord for a lease; advising about employees; negotiating contracts with suppliers and customers. 


I mediate equine disputes and work with families to resolve issues relating to trusts and estates.

Foundation Management

My work includes managing a multi-generational foundation for a family.

Recent projects include:

  • Representing a member of a family placing a conservation easement on a historically significant property. 
  • Advising a family who is setting up a sport-horse boarding and training operation on their farm.
  • Negotiating severance agreements for people leaving financial services companies.
  • Advising a stable owner as it deals with horse owners who are behind on their board bills.
  • Advising a non-profit about their employment policies and procedures.
  • Working with a land trust as they preserve properties with significant environmental and architectural features.

While I welcome clients to my office, I believe that it is important to visit a client’s business or property if possible. By doing that, I am able to better understand of what is at stake in any transaction. I find I am better able to advise and advocate for clients if I have visited them, especially if real estate or horses are involved. It is also more convenient for some clients for me to meet with them at their home or office rather than have them visit me. 


In some situations, legal work is predictable and a budget is easily prepared. In other circumstances it is difficult to foresee what will occur. As a result, I am willing to work with clients to create a fee arrangement that meets both of our requirements. The arrangement may take into account the time involved; the difficulty, complexity and risk of the work, and; the value of a particular result. The possibilities include an hourly rate, a flat fee, or a reduced rate plus a percentage of the value of the transaction.